5 Free Google Tools To Help Optimise Your Website

5 Free Google Tools To Help Optimise Your Website.


In this post, I’m going to share 5 free Google tools that you need to start using to help optimise your website. You should get into the habit of using one or more of these online tools every week, and all of them every month.

Here are the 5 Google tools that you should think about using as a matter of routine from now on, and use them as part of your weekly SEO health check for your website.

1. Google PageSpeed Insights Tool.

Google has put a lot more emphasis on speed and how fast your website loads. So much so that they now use site speed as an important SEO ranking factor for search engine rankings.

To help you reach this ranking factor, Google introduced their PageSpeed Insights tool. You can use it to check how fast your website loads. It is easy to use with advanced behind the scenes detecting mechanisms to check against the criteria it sets for all websites.

You simply enter your website’s URL and click analyse. Naturally, the top score is 100 & will show in green. If I recall correctly, a score of 80 or over shows green. 79-69 shows yellow and 69 or lower show in red.

PageSpeed Insights 13

PageSpeed Insights 11   

The Image above shows an example of the three speed levels.

Naturally, you want to have a score of 100 but this is unlikely for most sites, the closer your site is to 100 the better. However, a high score on the yellow is pretty good, better if both tabs show green like the image below.

PageSpeed Insights 6

This is a great example of a heath niche website’s speed optimised for mobile – Score 89/100.


PageSpeed Insights 7

This is a great example of a heath niche website’s speed optimised for desktop – Score 88/100.

If your website doesn’t have a score as high as the above example, don’t sweat it. Google tells you what should be fixed to improve your score. If you have a WordPress site and you’re not technical, there are several plugins that could help improve your speed score.

Speed Score WordPress Plugins – Search “Add New” in the plugins area from your Dashboard.

  • Fastest Cache
  • Autoptimize
  • W3 Total Cache

And many others.

2. Google Mobile Friendly Test Tool.

I know it sounds like it’s the same as the previous tool but believe me its not. Google is placing even more emphasis on this particular tool because they want ALL websites to be mobile friendly. This really means all handheld devices, mobiles, laptops and tablets. More and more people use their handheld devices on the go, so last Spring Google made it a high criteria for all websites to adapt to this new digital age practice.

The Internet is a 24/7, 365 Global portal that people access while travelling. During their lunch hour and so on. if your site cannot be accessed through these devices, you could be missing out on contacts, connections, leads, sales or social interaction. But, just because your website looks good inside the mobile data block when you run a speed test. That doesn’t mean it’s mobile friendly, you need to check it separately. You can get to the mobile friendly tool directly from the PageSpeed Page, it clicks open to a new page. (see red circled area in the 1st image above).

PageSpeed Insights 4

PageSpeed Insights 5

According to Google, if your website shows as above, well done!  Its’s mobile friendly.


3. Google Analytic Tool.

I confess I don’t use this too as much as I should, because it’s a handy tool for seeing visitors and behaviour data to your website.  The tracking system is great and you can track visitors in real-time, by Country, demographics and more. You can also check all kinds of traffic data like the image below. It tells you where the traffic to your site came from.

When you set up your Analytic Account, click on the account creation, fill in the details and click submit. A snippet code will pop up, (see image below). Copy & paste this code into your web pages so that it can track traffic, visitor behaviour and tons of other useful data.


 4. Google Search Console Tool.

This free Google tool will help you see all kinds of tracking data including how many of your pages are indexed by Google. It will show you the backlinks to your site, search listing positions of your keywords, crawl errors, security issues, mobile usability and more. If you don’t already use Google console, try using it at least once a month.

Google Console 1

5. Google Keyword Planner Tool.

This may be the most used of Google’s free tools.

Keyword Planner – Google AdWords 3


When searching for keywords, what you need to look at is the average monthly searches it gets. The
competition level whether it’s high, medium or low. Target medium & low competitive keywords for a better chance of ranking. If you intend to create a new web page, this is the tool to use before you add content to it. See more on keyword search from an earlier article I wrote.


If you want to rank in Google search listings, using all these tools can help steer you in the right direction. For your web pages already built, the Google console tool will show you listing positions on keywords you already use. It will help you focus on the ones you are more likely to rank for, therefore you can plan how to optimise the content better to reach higher positions in organic listings.

Like I said earlier in the article, make it a habit to these tools regularly. It will become second nature to your after a while, plus help improve your online marketing efforts.

Are there any other Google tools you use and like? Let me know!